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The Soul Symphonics

The Soul Symphonics - Denmark's rhythmic symphony orchestra performs with a new concert experience in sound and images when Michael Millfield presents the theme: The Beginning of Life.


The music is composed by Michael Millfield with inspiration from Prince, Quincy Jones, Joe Zawinul and Gino Vanelli, and contains elements of classical, jazz, gospel, R&B and funk, complemented by lyrics that focus on empathy and human values.


The audience will experience a groovy symphony concert with synchronized visuals and film clips, as well as the opportunity to participate interactively by uploading mood images, or choosing a guest soloist who performs live-on-screen.


The Soul Symphonics is a reduced symphony orchestra with:

11 strings, 5 woodwinds and 9 brass winds, a gospel choir, a funky rhythm group, lead vocals and Michael Millfield as trumpet soloist.


It is our ambition to attract a wider audience to both classical and rhythmic music. In other words, we want to spread the knowledge of music by playing across expectations at a high professional level and preferably in non-traditional venues

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