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Millfield Horns

Millfield Horns offer horns for every situation. Read about the options below.

You are also very welcome to contact us if you have other ideas for collaborations.


Studio section

With their own studio in central Copenhagen, Millfield Horns can record and produce in professional quality.


By sending music files online, we have a unique opportunity to try out and exchange musical ideas quickly, regardless of where in the world you are located.

Millfield Productions receives a mix of the music you want to add horns to, after which we start recording.


Live section

Millfield Productions puts together a horn section tailored to your music. It can add a musical and visual boost with groovy sound and choreography to the concert.


The horns master various instruments, allowing for great acoustic variation and flexibility. The size of the section depends on the arrangement, desires for sound and economy.

With the help of electrical effects, we can in some cases achieve great width and fullness in the sound with the help of very few horns.


Soloists from each instrument group are found in every constellation of horns supplied by Millfield Horns.

Photo: Lasse Lagoni / Hit Orchestra

DJ Producing Music

Horn arrangements

Pre-production of horn arrangements
We arrange the roles of the horns in line with your wishes and needs. In this way, you will be assured that the musician's expertise is utilized optimally


Creative events
We have a team of horns who have good chemistry, cohesion and many years of interaction behind them. This gives you access to a horn section that can play spontaneous riffs and arrangements without prior rehearsals or appointments. Thus ideas can be tested and developed in the present.


Existing events
Millfield Horns has a background in professional big bands and orchestras, and therefore has extensive experience in reading challenging notes and arrangements of all kinds. We take it as an exciting challenge.

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