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Soulful Vibe

This concept covers a spectrum of casual mood music - from jazzified hymns to lounge-like DJ style. Of course, everything can be scaled to fit your event, needs and budget perfectly. Contact us for a chat about options.

Jazzed hymns

A classical, jazzified trumpet concerto in a super exciting constellation that unites the classical and rhythmic world.
In this set-up you can experience jazzified versions of classical hymns and melodies with added spicy chords that lead the audience through a musical and improvisational play with exciting surprises.

DJ-inspired lounge show

The DJ concerts are based on the house universe. The recorded tracks are added to solo themes with trumpet, trombone, spacy grand piano horn with effects or keyboards.

The spicy chords are inspired by the American contemporary gospel, and the music is allowed to live with plenty of room for improvisation and the courage to let the music groove in itself.

This is smooth lounge music with catchy themes, which transmits joy of life, lowers the pulse and gives peace of mind, added funky music that inevitably brings the energy level up and makes the whole body groove.

It creates a unique total experience when Michael Millfield, with his impulsive improvisations inspired by the surroundings, uses the opportunity to move around freely among the audience, and sharpens their senses and curiosity through musical communication. The audience gets the feeling of being an active part of the entertainment, and that greatly contributes to the overall atmosphere at any event.

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