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Do you want to support the culture?

If you are interested in supporting the culture and becoming a sponsor of The Soul Synphonics, you can read more about our sponsorship model below.


We are always open to inquiries with alternative suggestions for sponsorships, so finally contact us if you have a better suggestion for collaboration.

Chair sponsorships

As a foundation for our creative manifestations, it is our goal to create a self-sustaining, musical company. Among other things, we will work towards achieving this using the following sponsor model:

The Soul Symphonics consists of 42 musicians / singers. In our sponsor model, you buy one or more chairs (musicians) in the orchestra. We call this chair sponsorships. Each chair costs DKK 10,000 per. years, and with every chair one buys comes some benefits.

Among the benefits are

  • tickets for The Soul Symphonics's concerts

  • concerts with some of The Soul Symphonics musicians at the sponsor's own events

  • tickets for The Soul Symphonics rehearsals

  • a chair in The Soul Symphonics' advisory board with the opportunity to influence the development of the project 

  • exposure on The Soul Symphonics' social media

  • exposure during The Soul Symphonics concerts

  • invitation to a series of events in The Soul Symphonics' own sponsor network


The money from the sponsorships must, together with ticket income, be used to pay the orchestra's professional musicians, musical works, tours, further development of the multimedia part, the app, the stage graphics, etc.

If you think it sounds interesting to you / your company, you are very welcome to contact us for a non-committal chat. We will be happy to send more details and prices if it becomes relevant. 

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