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Michael Millfield: "Attitude"

The music on this CD is composed and produced by Michael Millfield with inspiration from Earth Wind & Fire, Brand New Heavies, Incognito and Tower of Power.


"Attitude" is a CD that is full of energy and power.  "Attitude" is also an expression of the energy that Michael Millfield performs with. With a deeper meaning in any of the thoughtful phrasings.


With Michael Millfield on trumpets, grand piano horn, alto horn, trombone and keyboard / bass, the top of the horn section consists of energetic riffs and horn themes.


Saxophonists Erik Häusler and Sven Andersson ensure that the horn section gets the rich, warm sound, while at the same time captivating listeners with euphoric saxophone solos. The baritone saxophone at the bottom of the soundscape acts as a funky link between the rhythm group and the holes in the rhythmic horn riffs. Nichol Thompson from Brand New Heavies plays trombone on "Fandango" and trumpeter Alf Vestergaard Nielsen complements the bottom with his powerful basstrombone on "Earth".


The title "Attitude" is manifested when you hear the solid drumming delivered on all the CD's tracks by Kenwood Dennard, which forms the basis for a funky energy charge that is completely untameable.

The groovy bass figures, inspired by Jaco Pastorius, are played by Morten "Jay" Jacobsen, and with Troels Skovgaard on the swinging guitar and Lars DK Nielsen on Fender Rhodes and Hammond Organ, the basis of the good, old retro sound is created - hence shaping the many exciting layers of the music. With Tira Skamby Madsen on percussion, the music gets a rhythmic boost, which complements the groove with her imaginative musical colors.


In addition to Bob Bailey and Gregory Boyd, the singers Naja Storebjerg Laursen, Elisabeth Melander, Pia Trøjgaard and Susanne Ørum and the aforementioned Lars DK Nielsen can be heard on vocals. They all manage to convey Michael Millfield's music with an expression that shows the impressive vocal quality Denmark can offer. With elaborate timbre and tight phrasings, they leave a musical imprint that pays tribute to artists like Chaka Khan, Aretha Franklin, Michael McDonald and Donny Hathaway.


The CD, with contributions from the guest soloists, break the unwritten rules, by containing several solos. The many layers of music therefore provide new experiences every time the CD is played.

Guest soloists

Toots Thielemans

World-famous mouth harp virtuoso.

Bob Bailey

Singer who has sung with, among others: Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, Michael Jackson and Nathalie Cole.

Delmar Brown

Keyboard player who has played with, among others: Miles Davis, Jaco Pastorius and Sting.

Kenwood Dennard

Drummer who has played with, among others: Jaco Pastorius, Sting, Miles Davis, Whitney Houston, Maceo Parker.

Said about "Attitude"

Toots Thielemanns:
Jaco (Pastorius) would have liked this tune ... I will play!

Randy Brecker:
ATTITUDE is just that: ATTITUDE and then some! Everyone involved plays their asses off ... there is no other way to put it!
And Michael Millfield is one bad dude! This is some FUNKY SHIT! (in other words I really enjoyed it! - a big surprise!)

Emilio Castillo:
Michael Millfield sat in with Tower of Power at our gig in Copenhagen at Amager Bio and blew the roof off the Joint.
He's got a big fat tone and a great high range with awesome jazz chops and a really soulful signature to his playing.
He's a new voice on the horizon.

Michael Panepento (Producer at The Temptations CD "Still here"):
I did like it very much. I am a big horn guy- Tower of Power, ColdBlood ...
The band has a real west coast "Bay Area" vipe going on. I dig the sound, recording and production.

Brian Braziel (Drummer in Larry Graham Central Station):
Hey Mike, listening to your Attitude cd. It's hot man! I like it.

Adolfo Acosta (Trumpetplayer in Tower of Power):
I remember hearing your CD on a bus ride (with TOP) while leaving Copenhagen. I was in awe after hearing you play

throughout the range of the trumpet with such ease, control, and great musicianship. Well done!

Kenwood Dennard:
Would you like it Funky - or very Funky?

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