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Hjem: Intro

Photo: Lasse Lagoni / Hit Orchestra

Millfield Productions

- delivers concert experiences that create value for both you and your guests.


We tailor the complete concert experience for you - from solo performances to symphony orchestras and a wide range of other events, where the audience can either enjoy a calm and relaxed moment or get to strut their dance moves to funky beats.


The style is a fusion of classical, jazz, gospel, soul, RnB and funk, inspired by great, international artists like Prince, Joe Zawinul, Quincy Jones, Babyface, Chaka Khan, Mariah Carey and Alicia Keys.


Millfield Productions offers experiences from the light cocktail and lounge style, over the calm and present dinner or concert style, the funky dance party or the grandiose, rhythmic symphony concert with gospel choir, trumpeter, vocal soloist and visual entertainment.


Everything is scalable - Millfield performs as a DJ, duo, house orchestra, music for the summer / Christmas party, conferences or with an artistic, symphonic concert experience. Only the imagination sets the limits.


Millfield Productions has one goal, and that is to get the audience to leave the concert with equal parts joy, enrichment, hope, presence and reflection.

Millfield Productions presents
Cocktail Hour

Soulful Vibe


Millfield Horns

The Soul Symphonics Stærekassen 2017.jpg

The Soul Symphonics

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